Cardon Designs

Our Websites

All of our websites are Custom Designed for your church or non- profit organization based on your ideas and preferences for a exceptional one-of-a-kind website.

We understand not only how churches work but also their unique needs in communicating to their congregations and also the community. We know what engages and what disengages them and what provides the best user experience.

We love getting creative and helping you come up with the look you want. We do this by:

Your website can include ANY combination of pages...



Search Engine Optimization is a technique whereby we make your website easier to find by visitors on search engines. This is done by ensuring your content is relevant to your organization. We optimize your site for speed, mobile friendliness and other optimization features for your other pages. We encourage you to secure "Backlinks" from credible sources to get a higher ranking on search engines.


Our Content Management System allows you to easily add to and edit the contents of your website. There is no need for special skills or training. Access is by user account and password only.

Our CMS tools use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) word processor. This allows you to add styling to your text without any coding knowledge such as bold, underline, italic, bullets, different fonts, etc.

Responsive design

There seems to be an endless variety of screen sizes available to internet users today. Through responsive website design we are able to create a smooth transition between screen sizes of all shapes and sizes. With over 85% of users using some form of mobile device , we meet these needs.

Visitors who land on your website and see you offer a mobile friendly experience, are nore likely to think positively about your site.